Alpha is LIVE on Starknet Mainnet

5 min readMay 30


After months of hard work, we’re delighted to announce the launch of AVNU Alpha on Starknet mainnet.

Experience optimal execution at your fingertips, now:

The Genesis

Let’s take a quick journey back to where it all began. We are a dedicated team of entrepreneurs and builders, mainly based in Switzerland, who ventured into the Starknet ecosystem in November 2021. Our first experiment was Alpha Road, one of the first AMMs on Starknet.

As we delved deeper, we found ourselves face-to-face with a pervasive issue in DeFi — Liquidity Fragmentation. As Starknet’s ecosystem bloomed, the number of DEXs rose exponentially, leading to fragmented capital and glaring inefficiencies for traders. With six AMMs now active on Starknet Mainnet, the question arose — how can one optimize trades and prices with liquidity scattered across multiple marketplaces?

Challenged, but not defeated, we decided to pivot from our initial AMM project. We set out on a new mission to crack the liquidity fragmentation puzzle and enhance the trading experience. And thus, AVNU was born: a trailblazing liquidity layer on Starknet, designed to offer traders and dApps the best execution.

Be Smart, Trade on AVNU!

Our primary goal at AVNU is to provide on-chain Best Swap Execution. Simply put, we’re here to give you maximum value for every swap you do.

AVNU’s strength lies in harnessing the power of diverse liquidity sources, merging them to offer the most competitive prices. Each source brings its unique strengths and weaknesses to the table. By consolidating them, we enhance the strengths and mitigate the weaknesses.

We’re excited to introduce our inaugural product on Starknet Mainnet: a DEX aggregator that’s more than your standard DEX aggregator. AVNU leverages customized solvers, each designed to operate under specific conditions and parameters. We’ve joined forces with third-party partners to facilitate quoting on AVNU, drawing parallels with our initial product’s trajectory towards being a streamlined, light, native version of CowSwap on Starknet.

Our solvers currently scan the liquidity of all major AMMs on Starknet, including JediSwap, 10kSwap, MySwap, and SithSwap.

Trade Smarter, Faster, and with peace of mind.


Because YOU deserve the best trading experience on Starknet.

With AVNU, you don’t just aim for the best execution, you also enjoy:

  1. 💰 Best Rates — Access to the most competitive exchange rates on Starknet.
  2. 🎨 Stellar UI/UX — Experience the most intuitive and seamless swapping journey on Starknet.
  3. Time Efficiency — Time is money. We give you time, as you don’t need anymore to manually compare rates across different DEXs.
  4. 💸 Zero Fees — For now, AVNU does not charge any fees on Starknet, and we’ll keep you informed about our future plans regarding this very soon.
  5. 🔓 Non-custodial & open-source

Furthermore, AVNU’s innovative multi-hop routing enables you to trade token pairs, even in the absence of a direct liquidity pool. This means every new token launched on Starknet is instantly available for trading on AVNU.

The Starknet DeFi season is approaching, and AVNU is all geared up! :-)

The big picture — What’s next?


The heartbeat of the crypto industry is undeniably THE COMMUNITY.

We build for you, and we build with you!

Your overwhelming response has propelled us to elevate AVNU’s reach across the entire Starknet Ecosystem. In the coming weeks, we’re set to launch several marketing campaigns in collaboration with key Starknet players.

But that’s not all. We’re thrilled to let you in on a secret — something exclusive is on the horizon for our community! This will be your chance to become a part of the AVNU family and reap numerous benefits, a testament to our unwavering appreciation for this incredible community.

Curious? Join us on our social channels to stay updated and be the first to seize the upcoming opportunities we’re crafting just for you!

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We’re just warming up. Our pipeline is teeming with exciting projects, and we’ve got some amazing surprises in store for you. Stay tuned:

  • RFQ system: brace yourselves as we take execution to the next level. Coming soon, you’ll enjoy not only the best execution but also zero-slippage and MEV protection. Even though MEV isn’t currently possible on Starknet, it will be once the fee market is live. As a forward-thinking, long-term company, our goal is not merely to apply quick fixes but to foresee potential issues and address them proactively!
  • Gasless trading: we’re joining forces with all wallets on Starknet and Open-Zeppelin to advocate for Meta-Transaction support. Our aim? To offer you the first gasless trading experience on Starknet. Stay tuned for more updates.
  • Impulse: 👀
  • Limit order: without a doubt, it’s on the way.

Hearing chatter about better trading paths? Don’t be so sure. AVNU is built with your wallet in mind, carefully balancing gas fees with potential gains for each trade route.

And as Starknet keeps getting better and cheaper, AVNU adapts — offering smarter, more cost-effective ways to trade. With AVNU, you’re always ahead of the curve.

Cairo 1.0

We heartily embrace Cairo 1.0 as the most groundbreaking smart contract language to date. Our history tells a tale of years invested in building Starknet alongside other esteemed talents.

Our ethos is rooted in giving, not taking.

Although most of our contracts have been rewritten in Cairo 1.0, we continue to refine them, with an audit from a top-notch security firm starting soon. Meanwhile, once again, we’ve reaffirmed our long-term commitment to Starknet by recently facilitating the native integration of Cairo 1.0 into Semgrep, a well-recognized cybersecurity tool widely used in the industry.

FYI: Our current Cairo 0 contracts aren’t verified yet on StarkScan and Voyager as they currently don’t support Cairo compiler version >0.13.

All for now

AVNU is now in alpha, powered by Cairo 0 contracts. Although we’ve conducted extensive testing with over 3,000 users, we encourage you to bring any bugs or feedback to our attention via our social channels. Your contribution is invaluable, and we promise to acknowledge your efforts fittingly.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned, trade wisely, and experience the AVNU difference!




Trade Smarter, Faster and with peace of mind.